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Patrick Rooney on What We Do Now, Dumfries & Sanquhar

As the Artists, place hubs and the communities of the five towns participating in What We Do Now, begin to move into the next phase of the project, we caught up with Patrick Rooney, one of the two What We Do Now documentarians

Patrick Rooney – Image Credit: Kirstin McEwan

Patrick has recently spent time with the artists and communities in two of the five towns engaged the What We Do Now project.

Capturing the progress in both Northwest Dumfries and Sanquhar, Patrick shares with us two short films and his thoughts on the work being carried out in by the artists so far…

Northwest Dumfries

“What excites me most about documenting this project in Northwest Dumfries, in partnership with LIFT, is the goal that the three artists; Rosie, Alice and Andy have set out to achieve from the start, which is to build an art cabin for the community to use in Lochside.

I’m really like this concept that and I’m excited to see this come to fruition because it has so much potential to positively impact that community and make a difference to their lives.”

In this clip we get a brief glimpse into the collaborative and relaxed way of working that Rosie, Alice and Andy have together, showing how their creative process is a positive, open experience for everyone to be involved with from the start.


“For me, the most interesting aspect of Colin and Saskia’s project in Sanquhar is their interaction with young people in the area.

Their efforts to educate and bring young people together to create digital art has been really positive. Seeing those involved get excited about being creative, learning not be afraid to share their ideas and express themselves is a really wonderful thing and I’m thrilled to be able to document it.”

This short video gives a taste of how personable and engaging these workshops are and shows the opportunities that the young people living in Sanquhar have been offered by Colin and Saskia’s work as part of the WWDN project.

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