“The change that matters most is not down the road, the end of a chain reaction, it is present immediately, instantly, when people demonstrate resourcefulness, altruism, improvisational ability and kindness.”

R. Solnit 2020

Atlas Pandemica is conceived, managed and delivered by The Stove Network. The project is Co-Curated by Robbie Coleman and Matt Baker – both public artists based long-term in Dumfries and Galloway. Robbie has an international public art practice often in collaboration with Jo Hodges, both are active members of The Stove Network. Matt was one of the founders of The Stove Network and is currently the Orchestrator of the collective.

Robbie and Matt will coordinate the team of creative practitioners working on the project (including a project Bibliographer) and lead on the production of the final publication of the Atlas Pandemica.