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Your Opportunity to Join The Stove’s Board


Are you interested in supporting the mission of The Stove by adding your voice to the work of the Stove Board? Do you want to contribute to the future of the organisation and support the communities we aim to reach?
A couple of spaces on our board have opened up as long-term directors have stepped down – we’d be particularly interested in hearing from creative practitioners, younger people and those interested in community activism to fill these spaces as these are currently under-represented on the board.

(Practitioners please note that being a board member will not exclude you for applying for or undertaking paid work with The Stove)

We’re inviting notes of interest from members of or network, who feel they can contribute to the future direction of the organisation, be part of the directive decision making and support the core mission of The Stove.

The Stove Network is at an exciting stage in its mission to help make Dumfries and our region a place where communities thrive through creativity, collaboration, enterprise and risk-taking. A place where everyone is supported to be involved creatively and take part in the celebration and making of our culture.
Through place-based work and embedded arts practice, we are committed to supporting creative conversation, enterprise, and inclusion. We strive to bring together diverse communities and to promote and develop well-being and sustainable local futures.
In order to achieve these goals, we work with a diverse and dedicated team of core staff, a host of talented external colleagues and a skilled and passionate board of directors.
The Stove Board meets 4 times a year plus an Annual General Meeting and a handful of subgroup meetings. It is entirely up to you how much you decide to get involved beyond this basic commitment, there is no obligation in that regard. Our board is a relaxed and happy group of people who care about the values of The Stove and get a lot of personal satisfaction from playing a part in making great things happen.
If you are interested in joining our Board of Directors, please contact the Chair of our Board Tony Fitzpatrick with a note of interest saying why you like to be a board member via [email protected] 

Your interest will be followed up by the offer of an informal chat to discuss further what the role entails and what you could bring to the group.

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