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Tattiefields Community Evening

From Katie Anderson – Lead Artist for Tattiefields
Tattiefields has awakened a true fascination with all things tattie-related as I’ve spent the summer working and re-working ideas for a new public space as part of a housing development in North West Dumfries. From the names of potato breeds, to their origins, growing seasons and varieties, good recipes to creative projects – I’ve started to go a little tattie-mad.

We decided to host an evening to share this new obsession, towards creating a bit of identity for the Tattiefields site, and also to become the first point for sharing the proposed designs for the location. Exciting times.

Tattiefields 1

The evening included a creative workshop inventing potato men, women, children, animals and aliens…, a curry cooking workshop, the sharing of new designs, a tattie buffet and ended up with some film screenings and the impromptu judging of the best tattie people creations. The event allowed Kirsty Turpie and I to really embrace our love of food as art and art as food, with (I hope) excellent results!

Tattiefields 2 _ KMcE
Tattiefields 3 KMcE
Tattiefields 4 MM
Tattiefields 5 KMcE
Tattiefields 6 KMcE
Tattiefields 7 MM

I’ve had some really great feedback to the designs, and now looking forward to getting into the production phases for the project! I am still very keen to speaking to anyone who is interested in developing a project to support vegetable growing, either in gardens in and around Lochside, or on site at Tattiefields in the Spring. If you have an idea or are interested in sharing some vegetable growing skills, please get in touch by email katie<at>

Tattiefields is part of The Stove Network’s Lochside Public Art Project, working in partnership with DGHP and Creative Futures Lincluden and Lochside.

Big thank you to project assistant Kirsty Turpie, Michael, Liam Templeton, Agne and Jimmy and Matt B for all the support in pulling the evening together. Thanks and image credits to Kirstin McEwan and Michael. To see the extended picture gallery, visit our Flickr page here


Bounce Back Upcycling

Our Bounce Back project, led by Martin O’Neill has been popping up in and around North West Dumfries over the past few months, including film screenings and the launch of the Ignition Fund, as well as supporting other events in the Lochside and Lincluden areas.
A month ago, Bounce Back began a series of Upcycling workshops, sharing skills and ideas to repair and reimagine unwanted clothes into something new.

Upcycling Workshop Poster

Workshops run every second Thursday, with sessions still to come on the 10th and 24th of August at the Lochside Family Centre.

upcycling 1
up cycling 2
upcycling 3
up cycling 4

Ignition Fund Awards Announced

Three community projects have received funding from the Stove Network’s Bounce Back initiative. Bounce Back is a project supported by the Development Trust Association Scotland and aims to support community initiatives to help empower people living in the communities of NW Dumfries.

The Ignition Fund launched by Bounce Back

The three projects awarded each showcased a commitment to their local area by engaging people in new activities related to community resilience and significant engagement with local people.

Sandside Gardens

Sandside Community Garden

Who are they?

 A community initiative based in Sandside dedicated to transforming the old caravan site on Sunderries Road into a welcoming, inspiring and beautiful garden for the whole community to enjoy and participate in.

What’s their idea?

‘We are having a Big Lunch at the Goldie Park with food, music and arts activities for the whole family. The money will go towards hiring equipment for the entertainment and material costs to promote the Big Lunch event. At our first event in 2015 we had over 300 people turn up – this year we hope to make it bigger and better than ever so to engage with some of the more isolated members of our community.’

Lochside Baton Twirlers

 A Lochside institution – the baton twirlers are a small and friendly group comprised of coaches, assistants and parents based in Lochside and the surrounding area. Some of their athletes have even had the chance to compete at national level bringing home the title of national champions in 2013.

‘We are looking for funding to help towards new tracksuits for all members of the club. We have 26 members in our club who compete at a local and national level. The majority of our members reside In NW Dumfries. We are a strong community with club leaders, coaches, assistants and parents all working together to run the club. Having a club tracksuit for all girls is a huge part of us being able to go to competition!’


LIFT (Lochside Is Families Together)

 An ambitious group with a big heart LIFT are a community organization based in Lochside dedicated to helping their community by breaking stigma, supporting those in need and collectively transforming their local area for the better.

‘We would like to enter a float into this year’s Guid Nychburris parade. We want to ‘show off’ the fantastic array of wildlife we have in Lochside by dressing local adults and children up as foxes, swans and butterflies – all the wildlife local to Lochside!’


The Future is Bright for Lincluden and Lochside

Creative Futures image 2

Over the Easter weekend, Lincluden was treated to two days of family activities and events, when Creative Futures Lincluden and Lochside hosted a variety of creative workshops in Lincluden Abbey and Lincluden Community Centre.


Easter Sunday saw the return of Abbey Antics at Lincluden Abbey.  Throughout the day, Medieval Monks led a series of workshops, which gave children and families the chance to learn how to weave, make pens from goose feathers, learn metal work techniques and take part in walking through a labyrinth. Dragon Egg making workshops were also held, as well as Fairy Walks and a Unicorn Quest. The day was part of ouir initiative led by Creative Futures, which focuses on bringing the Abbey back into community life, as well as giving young people the opportunity to learn about the significant heritage of their local area in an exciting and engaging way.


On Monday, the fun continued with a ‘Hoosewarming’ to celebrate the launch of our Creative Futures project at Lincluden Community Centre. This event was a chance for the community to meet the Creative Futures team and get hands-on experience of creative techniques, as well as discuss projects and opportunities for local people in the future.


Creative Futures Lincluden and Lochside is our new four-year project in North West Dumfries. It is an exciting and innovative project which uses creativity and local history to provide opportunities for young people within the Lochside and Lincluden areas of North West Dumfries. We aim to help local people develop their skills, develop their local area, increase their opportunities, improve their quality of life, connect with one another, try out new experiences and thrive as a community.

If you missed out on the fun last weekend then not to worry – we will be hosting another Housewarming event at Lochside Community Centre on Saturday 29th April. This will be another opportunity for local people to meet everyone and get involved with our open day of arts activities, information, food and music. For further information and drop-in sessions through the week contact [email protected].

Creative Futures Housewarming
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