Homegrown was an immediate response from the Stove to the Coronavirus outbreak and subsequent lockdown that saw the world close it’s doors and retreat into our homes. The project ran from March to June 2020, and comprised of Stove member micro commissions, creative challenges, conversations and reflections.

This is an archive of much of the content that was created during the project. The homegrown webpages will continue to live on the Stove website as a record of all of the work that we have shared and grown in our homes, together. We hope that you will navigate these pages and uncover some of the brilliant, beautiful, insightful and playful responses we received to the project.

Homegrown was conceived of as a starting point, not to provide answers but to open the door to include as many voices in our conversations – towards a new folklore that documented the response from Dumfries and our wider Stove membership in a time of social isolation.

Special thanks to everyone that contributed to homegrown.

Themes and Creative Responses

Over the past few weeks we have been receiving and sharing proposals and creative responses from across our Stove membership to the current situation as part of our micro commission series. Each week we will select a new artist to profile and share as part of homegrown. The responses reflect one or more of our homegrown themes. There are some real gems and inspirational responses in here, so take a little time to find all of them. To see each of the responses, click any of the theme links below.





Creative Challenges

Every week as part of homegrown, we will be sharing with you a creative challenge you can take on at home, in isolation and through connecting with one another through the internet.

Homegrown Artist Talks

Each of our selected artists taking part in homegrown has also created an artist talk, sharing their practice, inspirations and background to their work. We hope we will be able to build a collection representing a broad selection of our membership.

Writing and Reflections

During homegrown, Stove team members and several of the commissioned artists contributed blog posts and writing reflecting on the impact of COVID-19 on the creative industries, the development of homegrown as a project and our experiences during this time.

We’ve gathered each of these here to make them easier to find.

Homegrown – An Introduction

With the out-break of COVID-19, we face a shared reality that will live on in the minds of this and further generations in pictures, stories, songs and memories. We are…

Creativity and Community as part of the National Recovery

The diagram below is The Stove’s submission to The Advisory Group for Economic Recovery for Scotland…

Don’t Forget the Self Employed!

At The Stove we recognise the position and the responsibility we have within the region’s cultural, creative and community sectors. Of our 600+ members, we estimate that as many as…

Homegrown – A Conclusion, and a new beginning

Homegrown was an immediate response to the Coronavirus outbreak and subsequent lockdown that…

Creative Repositioning for the New Normal

What makes a place? And what role does creativity have in times of crisis?
Katharine Wheeler of the Stove Curatorial Team and …

Distanced Encounters of the stranger kind

Responding to these strange times we are all living through right now, I found myself manipulating clay into certain abstract…

What is the responsibility of art in times of crisis?

Insight from Martin O’Neill, Stove Curatorial Team and Head of Programming What is the responsibility of art in times of crisis?

Feathers of Hope

In the ongoing roller-coaster of emotions and experiences that is the 2020 Covid-19 crisis there are lots of glimmers of hope and positivity…